Jumat, 11 November 2011

How to Monetize Your Kindergartener, Legally

You love your child, we know, but you’ll love your children even more when they make you proud and earn handsome cash before they reach the school age. Here are series of contest that your child can participate while growing up and bring happiness to your family. If you kid wins two or more contest in his childhood, I can guarantee him to become a famous figure when he grows up.

The Cute Kid Contest

Put on nice cloths, set the mood, take the shot and apply for the cute baby contest. The judges visualizes the prettiest outfit, facial expressions and groom of the baby while giving points. If your child is adorable among all the contestants, you get a heavy prize prize money. Remember, the outfit and pose are core ingredients to win the Photo Competition. Apply Here

Baby Crawling Competition, Hong Kong

It happens every year in Hong Kong, where parents all over the world gather to celebrate their child’s first birthday and have some fun. Every year 100 of parents apply for this competition, whose sole purpose is to make your baby’s first birthday remarkable. All you need is a 1 year old child to get registered for this competition. Mothers are allowed to attract their babies  with anything to make them crawl. If you can’t fly to China, I’m sure you can find a similar contest happening in your neighborhood, join communities.

Baby Costume Contest

The baby costume contest happens on the memorable night of Halloween. They wear amazing quality, plush costumes with snap closures on the legs for easy diaper changes and skid resistant pads on the feet. The baby with admirable appearance leads to be nominated as the winner of contest. Apply Here

Dance Contest

By nature, many babies love to dance when they hear the music. They look adorable when they do their baby moves with the lively music. Most contest ask a homemade video of your baby doing the dance, while others want you to bring the baby on stage, either way, the baby dances the longest wins the trophy.

Best Winter Hat Contest

The rules demand that the hat must be knit by you and for child under age 5. The creative stripping and some funny deadlocks enrich the end product with gorgeous outlook. Be creative and make such a hat that suits your baby. Apply Here.

The Ugly baby Contest

If your baby gets rejected from the cute baby contest, you have a hope here. The word ugly baby clearly tells the tale that contest nominate the Ugliest kid. The bizarre facial expressions and bad dress-ups will be used as key to nominate the winner of ugly baby contest. Although it isn’t seem attractive to participate in this contest but who cares if you have a chance to win lots of cash. :P

Cake Eating Contest

The key to win this contest is to develop a special love for cakes in your baby and bring him empty stomach to the competition. If the organizers brings the cake that your child loves, you’re in for a treat. Te baby who eats more than all other contestants will win the award. You got to be kidding me if you want an apply link, these contest happens everywhere, all the times. Go out and hunt for it.

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