Sabtu, 12 November 2011

The Middle Earth on Verge of Destruction

Chris Phipson and Mark Kelso took an year to make the lego model of Middle Earth
The concept of middle earth is very much familiar to “Lords of the Rings” fans.  The movie is an amazing creation which distinguishes the evil and good on earth. Mordor is the hub of evil forces where they build their weapons and increase their army only for the destruction of mankind. Moreover, Mount doom (a Volcano) is existed in the center of Mordor where the evil ring will be demolished (to clean-up the evil on earth). But with the power of Ring, Sauron built their tower of Barad Dur near the mount doom to strengthen the power of ring and to guideline the evil army.

However, there are many other creatures who assist the mankind for the protection of their lives including the inhabitants of Rivendell, Elf and the people of Rohan and Gondor take apart in order to protect the earth with unity, strength and brotherhood. The main character of Frodo can’t be neglected because he was the peron who destroy the ring in Mount Doom.

This concept is amazing, constructed on Legos by two people Chris Phipson and Mark Kelso due to their addiction with the movie. This process takes a whole year and involvement of many to complete the task in a better way.


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