Senin, 14 November 2011

Amazingly Shaped Lakes of the World

The water lakes are one of the most fascinating sight seeing spots which offers magnificent views of water surrounded by land. Some of these lakes are quite strangely shaped, either naturally or made artificially by humans giving excellent views due to their gigantic sizes and amazing landscape.

This lake is shaped like the English letter ‘A’, though we’re not sure if this is entirely a natural pond. The pond is quite accurately shaped and gives a nice impression in it’s green surroundings.

It’s a large water reservoir for the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Plant in Ukraine. It appears to be designed in the form of a bottle which is mostly unintentional. Though it gives a great bird’s eye view.
This is the Schulensmeer Lake in Belgium which measures 2.5km at the longest end. This natural lake has been touched by human machinery to make it in the current form, however the weapon like outcome was purely unintentional. It’s a safe lake otherwise and home for many water sports for the locals.
This is purely an artificially created imprint of a man located in São Paulo, Brazil. The lake is totally immersed in a natural forest and gives an amazing view to the on lookers. It measures 140m tall and could be a private adventure of the land owner.
These are the Catherine Gardens in Moscow Russia and serves as a water reservoir for the local Nuclear Power Reactor.
This is a totally natural ( and larger ) lake view which appears to be a dancing guy with hat. The lake is the Blythefield Reservoir in Staffordshire, England. The dimensions are not known for now, though it appears to be covering a large area.
This is a heart shaped lake located in Korea and appears to be an artificially created pond on the roadside.
The Horseshoe Lake in Canada is one of the most common forms of natural lakes. When a wide flow from a river’s main stem is cut off, such horse-shoe like lakes are formed naturally.

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