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History of Tsunami

Recent Tsunamis affecting Australia

  • 11 March 2011
  • 28 February 2010
  • 15 July 2009
List of past tsunami events around the world

Tsunamis through history

Destructive tsunamis have occurred in all of the world's oceans and seas. The following table lists some of the major tsunamis that have occurred up to 2000, along with the cause and the estimated number of deaths. For information on tsunamis after 2000, please visit the International Tsunami database. More information can be found on some of the tsunamis listed below.

Major Historical Tsunamis
DatePlaceDescriptionEstimated Deaths
July 21, AD 365AlexandriaGenerated by earthquake50,000 +
June 7, 1692Port Royal, JamaicaGenerated by earthquakeThousands
1707JapanGenerated by earthquake30,000
November 1, 1755Lisbon, PortugalWaves 6-15 m high generated by earthquake10,000-60,000
August 8, 1868Arica, Chile15 m wave generated by earthquakeThousands
August 26-27, 1883Krakatoa, IndonesiaGenerated by eruption of volcano36,000
June 15, 1896Honshu, Japan30 m wave generated by earthquake; destroyed 280 km coastline27,122
December 28, 1908Messina in Sicily and Italian coastal citiesEarthquake and 8 m wave120,000
September 1, 1923Sagami Bay, Kanto Plain, Atami and Nebukawa, JapanEarthquake, fire, mudslide and 11 m wave145,000
November 18, 1929Grand Banks, NewfoundlandTriggered by a sub-marine landslide and earthquake29
March 3, 1933Sanriku, JapanGenerated by earthquake2,990
April 1, 1946Hilo, Hawaii and Aleutian Islands, AlaskaGenerated by earthquake on Unimak Island, Alaska, creating waves up to 35 m high165
November 4, 1952Kamchatka Peninsula, RussiaTriggered by earthquakeProperty damage, no human lives were lost
March 9, 1957Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Also Hawaii Triggered by earthquake south of the Andreanof IslandsThanks to a timely alarm from the International Pacific Tsunami Warning Center at Honolulu, no human lives were lost
July 9, 1958Lituya Bay, AlaskaEarthquake caused huge slab of ice and rock to fall off nearby glacier into bay; giant splash formed tsunami3
May 1960ChileGenerated by a series of earthquakes2,300
May 1960Hilo, HawaiiGenerated by a series of earthquakes (same as Chile on the same date)61
March 28, 1964Prince William Sound, AlaskaAn earthquake and subsequent landslides generated a series of tsunamis, the highest reaching close to 30 m130
November 29, 1975Island of HawaiiEarthquake off the coast of the Island of Hawaii generated waves between 2 m and 15 m high2
August 17, 1976Mindanao, PhilippinesGenerated by earthquake8,000
July 18, 1979Lomblem Island, Indonesia2 m wave generated by volcano collapse539
October 16, 1979Nice, FranceUndersea landslides generated 2 tsunamis one week apart23
September 1, 1992NicaraguaEarthquake caused series of waves 11 m high170
December 12, 1992Flores Island & Babi IslandSeries of tsunamis, generated by earthquake. Waves ranging from 5 m to 25 m high, depending where they hit.1690 (Flores)
263 (Babi)
July 12, 1993Island of Okushiri, JapanUnderwater earthquake generated waves 5 to 30 m high200 +
June 3, 1994Eastern Java, IndonesiaEarthquakes caused series of waves more than 60 m high223
November 11, 1994Mindoro IslandGenerated by earthquake. Waves 7 m high70
October 9, 1995Jalisco, MexicoGenerated by earthquake. Waves 11 m high1
January 1, 1996Minahassa Peninsula, area of SulawesiGenerated by earthquake. Waves 4 m high24
February 17, 1996Biak, Irian JavaGenerated by earthquake. Waves ranging from 5 to 10 m high161
February 21, 1996North Coast of PeruGenerated by earthquake. Waves 5 m high12
July 17, 1998Papua - New GuineaGenerated by earthquake. Waves ranging from 7 m to 15 m high3,000
September 15th, 1999Fatu Hiva, Marquesas IslandsGenerated by landslide. Two waves 5 m highProperty damage, no human lives were lost

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