Senin, 14 November 2011

The Hidden Sunlight Phenomenon, Fiery Aurora

The unprecedented effect of sunlight reveals a whole new story in the mind of scientists that how sunlight transmit from space to air. The strange effect of fiery aurora is happening around the sun that ejects various gases in the space to be utilized for emitting the combination of different particles of gases that has shown in air in the form of different colored particles. The perfect example of this phenomenon has been seen while sun rays fall on Venus shows orange, blue and purple color depending upon the nature of gaseous particles.
All along the way, while these rays touch on earth intimate an immense amount of positive energy that is suitable for beings and plants to absorb the sufficient amount of rays. This heavy effects starts from the South Pole and gradually slows down while moving towards the North Pole. This aurora phenomenon is responsible for implanting the feasible conditions for the survival of mankind. You can see some images to visualize the effects as happening naturally.

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