Selasa, 15 November 2011

The Red Sand Beach of Hawaii

Colored Sand Beaches are not rare as many think about it. These colorful sands are the natural beauty of earth and show the different colors of creature. Many people like to visit these  incredible places to spend their precious time with nature. so that why appraisal of nature is possible with human intervention.
Kaihalulu beach is existed in Hana, Hawaii  which is renowned as ” Red Sand Beach”. The sand has a red and black colors in combination with crumbling cinder cone hill that’s appear  on the fewer distance from sea sand. The swimming is not possible because of the frequent movements of the sea waves but calm sea can provide soother swimming. The hilly side of  sand is bracketed with green trees which give a calm feeling while look towards trees and sea water simultaneously. No life guard and other facilities are available on the beach side.


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