Rabu, 16 November 2011

The Battle of Giants

Whenever we ask someone to tell about the giants who control the web and its trends the first three names that they speak are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. However it’s the rule of nature that more than one super-powers cannot co-exist in an environment; there will always be conflicts and battles between them. Similar is the case with these giants too. Let us see through some pictures :P

Among these three, Google clearly leads the market with its advance technology and number of users. The search provided by Google removes any other competitor out of the picture.

And we all know that whenever Microsoft releases anything, Google releases a better one. Be it browser, Search Engine, Mailing Service, Storage Service or any other. See below what Google has done to Explorer by releasing its Chrome Browser :P
I don’t know why everyone is trying to win the monopoly of search, Common there are 100 more things other than search. Microsoft was doing fine, but they had to release Bing, to compete with Google search. I mean why everyone is so madly after search, someone should acquire things like facebook, twitter :D :P
Recently we heard that Microsoft wants to acquire yahoo, for nearly 50 Billion Dollars. But can one giant eat another? I mean for this to happen one should be a lot bigger than other. Let us see the same incident by a picture :P

See what google itself has to say about all the giants. It’s the collection of data of all the searches that user make on Google, see them all, some are really funny :D
Below is a simple image but it really gives us the idea of the ultimate wish of Yahoo; to Become Google. Or is it the ultimate wish of Google: To Acquire Yahoo :D Time will decide!
No matter what user think or do, the battle will never be over and one person may be using services of all three simoultaneously.

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