Sabtu, 12 November 2011

ICE HOTEL: The Exotic Architecture

Gorgeous and astonishing, IceHotel is one of those ice structure that every tourist and environment lover admire. This temorary hotel builds every year and each time having a novel and striking shape in Ice competition. It is situated 200km away from Arctic Circle, lies on the borderline of Finland.

The IceHotel is made up of walls, bricks and roofs by using a mixture of snow and ice, the substance called Snice. The interior of rooms, archways and furnishing from inside and outside depicts the glamor of art that is perfect for accommodation of guests. Moreover, the selected Food and Drink available are served which fits with environment and temperature which is  -0.5 centigrade inside the sculpture. Mainly, People get energy from sea food  by hunting fishes and other eatables.
There are many other activities organized during the winter season like Snowshoeing, skiing and sledding that double the treat of adventure. During night, the ice sculptures portray the picture of thundering city in presence of colorful lights. This place is a delight to visit.

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