Senin, 14 November 2011

From Living Python to Leather Handbags – The Process in Pictures

It’s parable to kill elephants for teeth and polar bear for fur.
Before you proceed with reading this article, keep in mind that Python is a non-venomous snake. Though python is among the largest snakes of the world, yet they don’t attack humans unless they are provoked but sadly these are the most hunted snakes species. The reason: ‘python leather handbags‘. These pythons bags get sold for a fortune, ranging from $300 to $3500. It’s the demand of the end users that is, indirectly, responsible for the number of pythons killed each year. Below is the pictorial process that shows how brutal the man can be!

The writer would not mind killing the snakes if the natives are starving to death and there’s no other option but to eat snake-flesh, but we certainly do not support such a violent act just to get the leather out of them.

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