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10 Items that Tell your Guests You’re a Geek

You don’t have to have expensive computers, graphic cards and latest gadgets in your home to tell that you’re a geek. You can have the following decent household items and still convey your taste for technology to your guests. We’ve tried our best to find a product that is decent as well as serves some purpose.

1. Slide to Unlock Mat

Any iPhone user will cheer up while stepping on this doormat, and trust me, the will definitely slide their feet on it. The mat is made of rubber and is washable and you can get it for $50. Now this may look expensive but the real price is not of the mat, it’s for the idea. BUY

2. Labyrinth Security Lock

This lock is nothing but a playful and time wasting item for the inhabitants of the home but a really cool thing for the guests. However, this item is also useful, you can lock the door from the inside but don’t move the pointer too much into the puzzle, just one or two moves will do it. Locks your door from the inside and adds to the beauty, BUY

3. Clock for Mathematicians

This is an actual clock, however you need to have a calculator in your hand to figure out the time. Instead of every digit, there are mathematical equations on the clock whose result happens to be that digit. BUY

4. The Massage Slippers

After a tiring day, these sandals can give a relaxing treatment to your feet. There’s a whole theory and research behind the manufacturing and design of this product. You can read more about this awesome product and buy Here.

5.Chillbots Ice Cubes

The chillbots ice cube tray will molds the water into robots made of ice. Although, the fun is very short-lived as the cubes will melt but it’s worth spending $8 dollars once. BUY

6. iPhone App Coasters for Dinning Table

If you have a precious wooden table or expensive glass one for dinning you always need coasters. These set of 16 coasters design as iPhone apps are made from sturdy MDF plywood and wrapped with a premium vinyl decal and durable varnish to protect the design. Moreover they have thin rubber layer at the bottom that prevents them from slipping around. BUY

7. Social Media Cushions

Why don’t adorn your sitting with social media cushions? The only reason I see is that the whole set will cost you a hundred bucks. BUY

8. The Darth Vader Toaster

Who doesn’t need a toaster? And if you’re a Star Wars fan, this may be the coolest product for you. The toaster is available at an affordable price of $55. BUY

9. IP Address Doormat

We’ve already covered a doormat, but I really like this one too. For those who don’t know, the IP Address refers to your own PC i.e. your home address. BUY

10. Sodoku Toilet Paper

A nice way to pass time while you’re in the toilet. The roll comes at a cheap, affordable price so you can buy as many as you want. BUY

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