Jumat, 11 November 2011

90 Years Old House Made of Discarded Newspapers

In 1922 a mechanical engineer, Elis Stenman, decided to craft a home with walls made of abandon newspapers held together by homemade glue instead of cement and bricks. The home situated in Rockport, Massachusetts, was later donated to his neighbor who gave large amount of newspapers for construction.

For most of us the worth of discarded newspaper is not more than occupying a space in home and or to sell it for recycling, it’s only the mind of an artist that can come up with ideas like this. In this paper house, everything except the roof and the floor was built using newspaper including furniture, a piano, clocks and other accessories. The invention required large amount of newspaper, luckily, people of the town donate large amount of old newspapers and they were equally excited about the experiment. By the support of natives the house was constructed in two years (1924). The house remained a resort for Elis and his wife for the summer season.

After the death of Elis, the house became a museum and his neighbor, Edna Beaudoin, took responsibility of preserving the masterpiece. He also opened this house for public visits and used to charge only 10 cents from every visitor.

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