Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Breaking: Floating Island goes Missing

Floating island was one of the sights at Secret Garden Party festival held in Cambridgeshire in July this year. A team of UK artists and designers behind this helium-filled masterpiece named it IS LAND. The news is that some thugs at the festival cut free the rope and set the island loose. The viewers saw months of hard work on the part of artist Sarah Cockings and designer Laurence Symonds flew away just like that and couldn’t do anything about it.

Its next appearance was planned at the Burning Man show in USA but sadly the folks at states are now deprived of this beautiful sight.  While the wind specialist identify that the IS LAND might have landed in Czech Republic, the designer team has also agreed to work on another piece. So Folks don’t be afraid if you find a flying sculpture over your head or see IS LAND landed somewhere, just report it to the designers.

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