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World’s Most Creative and Weird Buildings and Structures

The world is full of wonderful and amazing buildings. Here are some of the most creative and sometimes weird structures in this planet. These buildings are designed by creative architects to show their potential in designing and raising these structures.
  • The Crooked House, Poland
This building was designed by Zalesky, a polish architect. The design of the building is inspired by the “Hansel and Gretel” fairy tale. It is currently a commercial center, but amazement for the tourists.

The crooked house
  • Kansas City Library, USA
The Kansas City library gives looks of a library structure. The book shelf shaped library presents classic looks to the onlookers, especially those fond of book reading and appears as a book shelf filled with classics. The design has won several awards due to the uniqueness and finishing that is next to the real thing.
book library
books library
  • Yellow Basket Building, Ohio
This seven story yellow basket building are the headquarters of Longaberger Basket Company. They have creatively formed a large basket structure that augments the company name to make one of the largest non-formal corporate offices. The building measures 192 feet long and 126 feet wide at the bottom.

basket building headquaters
basket building
  • Thailand’s Robot Building
The robot building in Thailand was inspired in the evolution of computers, especially in the banking industry. It is the headquaters of United Overseas Bank and projects a robot look in this face paced country.

Robot building
Robot building
  • The Floating Building, Germany. (Astra House)
This building in Germany is an engineering marvel where a large structure is balanced by a narrow base. Rope ladders are used instead of staircases to ascend the building.
The astra building
  • The Crystal Guitar and Piano House
This recently built Crystal guitar and Piano house in An Hui Province, China is one to the most marvelous places to live. It is an officially announced tourists attraction which attracts thousands of tourists early.
The Piano House

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