Jumat, 11 November 2011

World Largest Clowns Collection turned into Clownmuseum

Ortrud Kastaun, a 61 years old lady has been collecting clowns for past 15 years. She has collected 2,053 various clown related stuff which forced her to shift to a bigger apartment in Essex, Germany to preserve all the compilation. The idea became bigger and bigger and ultimately turned into a home museum of clowns.

When she started collecting clowns she was suffering from alcoholic addiction. So, an idea clicked her mind to collect the clowns as a hobby during therapy that turns out to be a life saver for her. According to her: “I remember being in therapy one day putting a jigsaw together. The image was of a clown in a jack-in-the-box. Something just clicked. From that day on I began collecting clowns.” In the beginning, her friend faced many obstacles to collect the finest collection of clowns but now its clown collection has been counted as hallmark of her life.
She believes that clowns are Positive Characters and doesn’t find them scary. Clowns also work as a cure for Ortrud to get rid of alcoholism as it diverts the mind towards an amusing task.  The museum is open for everyone to visit it. You can find more images here.

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