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The Wonderful Salt Mine from Turda, Transylvania

A day trip to Turda Salt Mine is a must for any visitor to Cluj-Napoca, Romania. One of the most important salt mines in Transylvania, Turda Salt Mine has been known since ancient times, but was put into operation for underground mining work during the Roman period.

The Salt Mine is mentioned in official documents from the middle of the 13th century, when the mine was offered to the Transylvanian Catholic Church leaders. In the Middle Ages, Turda was one of the biggest places of salt extraction in entire region.

The salt was extracted as clods which were then cut by specialist workers. The mines were lit by candles and tallow rush lights; explosives were never used for exploitation nor mechanical equipment used for cutting the salt.
The microclimate in the mine is characterised by yearly variations of temperature between 11 – 12° C; the average humidity level inside is 80% and the air pressure is between 747-752 mm Hg.

The lack of pathogen bacterium and a moderate air ionisation is therefore favorable to breathing treatments.
By its impressive galleries, long tunnels and mining system, great accoustics and very healthy microclimate, Turda Salt Mine is an excellent destination for every tourist.


Batman 3 Movie may be filmed in this salt mine! The Batcave may be getting a green facelift. The Dark Knight Rises Rumors site reports that in one of the most exciting adaptive re-use projects to date, Transylvania's old Salina Turda Salt Mine could be Christopher Nolan's location of choice for the latest Batman movie to be released next summer.

 Christian Bale will come to film Batman 3 to Romania. Nolan unofficially visited what is now a popular tourism site in Romania last January, while producers on the project met with Bucharest officials to discuss the potential of filming. Although an interior set is also being built at Warner Bros.' studios in Los Angeles, the salt mine's futuristic lighting and gnarly infrastructure are already fit for a Batman location, obviating the need to use more resources for the film. That is, if we can believe what we read. Check out photos of the enigmatic salt mine after the jump and let us know if you think this is a good location for The Dark Knight Rises.

Originally exploited by the Romans, the Salina Turda Salt Mine’s history dates back to at least the middle of the 13th century. And even as a mine, it was a fairly sustainable operation given that no mechanical devices were ever used to cut the salt clods harvested, nor were dynamites exploded. After a series of takeovers, the mine was shut down, but opened again as a tourism destination in 1992.
This is an excellent site for Nolan – not just because it’s a cool set in itself that needs very little intervention – but also because it has a stable microclimate. Temperatures remain steady at between 11 and 12 degrees Celsius, though at 75-80%, humidity levels are usually pretty high. And we couldn’t help but notice that the cave is in Transylvania, a cozy spot for bloodsucking vampires. With his new green cape, Batman is sure to prevail.

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