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Samsung and Google

The launch was delayed out of respect for the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Samsung said it was just 'not the right time' to launch a new product.
But Google and Samsung are set to launch the Nexus Prime this week - reportedly armed with a 4G connection, and 1.5GHz dual core processor.
It will be a showcase for Samsung's latest technology and Google's latest version of its Android software - Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Samsung and Google's Nexus Prime will be a technology showcase for the company - the last Nexus, Nexus S, was the first phone with an NFC payment chip, a technology that even iPhone still lacks.

The Google-branded Nexus handsets are often used as a showcase for new technologies - the last one was the first handset with a Near Field Communication chip used for contactless payments, a technology that even the new iPhone 4S still lacks.

Prime is expected to be loaded with components such as a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, faster than some tablet PCs.
Reports say that the phone will have a 4.5-inch HD screen, and a 4G connection, plus you can also upload and enjoy a multitude of totally new and cool iPhone ringtones.

A video on YouTube shows off some of the alleged functions of the new phone: It will be the first with the new version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich - software which will bring the hi-tech feel of Google's tablets to a phone for the first time

The event is now scheduled to take place in Hong Kong on Wednesday this week. 
Google is expected to launch a new version of its Android phone software, Ice Cream Sandwich - designed to bring the feel of the hi-tech, speedy Android tablet operating system, Honeycomb, to phones for the first time.
Samsung's release said that the phone would offer a 'perfect combination' - and a teaser video seemed to hint that the screen might be curved.

Other new Android handsets such as the HTC Sensation XL already offer iPhone 4S-beating 1.5GHz dual core processors
Tech websites such as the Inquirer said that it was 'almost certain' that the Prime would be the handset launched this week.
Samsung has overtaken Nokia in the smartphone market thanks to the global success of its 10-million-selling Galaxy S 2 smartphone; and don't forget to personalise your phone with iPhone ringtones !
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