Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

GLORIA the Telescope that can be operated from your home

European project will make 17 networks robotic telescopes available to everyone. The idea is to benefit from the eyes and minds of amateurs, star lovers community by giving them access to data they can process. 

GLORIA stands for "GLObal Robotic-telescopes Intelligent Array". GLORIA will be the first free and open- access network of robotic  telescopes of the world.

What it means is that a worldwide network of 17 robotic telescopes crossing 4 continents, ran by 13 partner groups from Russia, Chile, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain will be available online to everyone.

    Locations of the Telescopes (photo)
The main purpose of the project is to make astronomic research benefit from all the eyes of amateurs . As the GLORIA website puts it: “Research in astronomy can only benefit from attracting many eyes to the sky - to detect something in the sky requires looking in the right place at the right moment. Our robotic telescopes can search the sky, but the vast quantities of data they produce are far greater than astronomers have time to analyze. GLORIA will provide a way of putting thousands of eyes and minds on the problem.”

But hands will have a play too. The community is open to “to anyone with an interest in astronomy” and, more important, “The community will not only generate content, as in most Web 2.0, but will control telescopes around the world, both directly and via scheduled observations.”

The European project draws on the experience of the Montegancedo Observatory, located at the Facultad de Informática. The Montegancedo Observatory is the first free open access astronomical observatory in the world. The observatory is remote controlled using Ciclope Astro software, maintained by the UPM's Ciclope group. This software will be used by the world robotic telescope network.

Gloria will also organize educational activities, such as broadcasting astronomical events, to attract new users. For this purpose, it will sponsor the next four Sky Live Internet television missions.

If well designed, this project could be one of the most interesting crowdsourcing experiment of the Internet. It will in any case please any star lover around the world.
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