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20 simple ways to lower your electricity bills

These days almost majority of the people pays higher electricity bills for their home. But if some simple steps are initiated then the bills can be lowered a lot and one can save enough money.

There are some easy and simple steps to save the electric bills as well as the money. People try to follow the complex ways of saving money and at the end they get upset. There is no need to follow the complex rules when their easier ways to save the money and different forms of energy.
The 20 easy ways to save the electricity bills and they are as follows:

1. Dry hair naturally instead of using hair dryer.
2. Dryer’s Wrinkle Shield Feature should be avoided.
3. use of CFL lamps
4. Before finishing the Dryer should be checked.
5. The use of Christmas lights only at the nights.
6. Pool Pump strainer Baskets should be cleaned.
7. Coils of the refrigerator should be cleaned.
8. The coils of the refrigerators should be cleaned periodically.
9. Keeping the computer in the standby mode.
10. Before keeping the hot food in the refrigerator, it should be cooled.
11. The bulb of the Microwave should be disconnected.
12. The heat drying of the dishwasher should be kept off.
13. The laundry should be loaded consecutively.
14. The computer should be turned off when not in use.
15. Once in a week the lights should be turned off.
16. The electrical appliances that are bought should always contain the BEE stars.
17. the dishwasher loads should be done full
18. the laundry loads should be done full
19. the leaves should be raked by hand instead of leaf blower
20. Instead of dishwasher, the dishes should be washed by hands.
These are very easy and simple ways to follow to lower the electricity bills and save money. Once it is done for few days, then one can opt for the other methods of saving the electricity bills and as well as the money.

 by "environment clean generations"

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